Oh sure you’re pretty, but posting every comments/praises/banats won’t make you so different from a booger shamelessly peeking out of nostril (if you know what I mean) 

As long as you are on any sort of path towards success there will always be people who will speak and hope against you. Having haters isn’t always a bad thing, because when you have people who are speaking against you, you know that you are on the right track as long as you are acting out of and walking in love!

There will always be those who say that you can’t and that you won’t, continue working hard in life and show them that not only you WILL, but that you will maintain your success. Don’t be scared when people speak against you. In place of this fear, use your faith. Know that nothing that is formed against you will prosper, you are able, you are strong, and with God’s help you can move mountains! Continue to remain faithful, confident, and strong, the only response your haters should receive from you is the success that you continue to maintain!